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About Troy Glick


Throughout his 25 year career, Troy Glick has helped companies command the marketplace in his roles as a collaborator and consultant. His innovative, leading-edge perspective has enabled him to thrive in evolving sectors including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications. His achievements in these industries range from increasing revenue with established customer bases to developing, refining, and adapting products for new markets. Highlights of his career include executive positions in Fortune 500 companies and leadership in technology startups, and his most recent triumph as a consultant was a multimillion-dollar acquisition of a behavior analysis startup.


Troy’s disruptive approach began in the early 1990s when the internet was in its infancy. A vanguard of innovation, he championed online marketing and internet services in large companies with legacy mindsets. In 1994, Troy designed a digital system for NEC that was described by the Japanese media as “the latest step in providing customer service in an electric forum,” and principles of his design have since become staples of modern customer service. A few years later, he developed the first online travel destination application for The Tribune Company, for which he received the CIO 50/50 Award for Innovation.


As a recognized internet innovator, Troy was recruited into one of the most transformative joint ventures of the time - Road Runner to create the first commercial-grade products in the dynamic early days of the internet. Following this unprecedented success, he continued his momentum through 2014 by engaging with telecommunications leaders including Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, and MCI, for whom he designed and introduced products to help them compete as the industry evolved.


As Troy’s brand gained respect and recognition, many tech-enabled startups turned to him for leadership, strategic advice, and growth acceleration, and he guided these companies through major market introductions, mergers and acquisitions, and product iterations. Troy even pursued an opportunity to influence the mortgage markets after the Financial Crisis of 2008; he designed,

fund-raised, and garnered support for a compliance product that was evaluated by the U.S. Congress and Federal Agencies to eliminate systemic fraud in the origination process.


Troy founded his consulting company T.H. Glick & Associates to serve corporations and startups, and continues to help his clients capitalize on change, find new markets for their products, and optimize profitability. He is a highly respected speaker and moderator who welcomes challenging opportunities to apply his experience and skill set in companies that are ready to scale.


“I've always been impressed by Troy's ability to analyze a business problem or opportunity from various viewpoints including the less obvious ones. And then to take that analysis and communicate it and its implications, both clearly and compellingly.”

— David Strauss

Principal, Broadband Success Partners

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