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Innovation Transcends Stagnation

An innovative strategy is a ground which successful businesses propagate and grow. Troy has led high-level strategic campaigns at the corporate and business level as a consultant and executive, and he specializes in guiding companies through significant structural developments, approaching every project with a 360-degree view of the product and market while conceptualizing what needs to happen and why, and planning its execution.


Hired by Time Warner to spearhead Road Runner Business Class back when B2B services were a new concept, Troy initiated and developed the assets that were responsible for its successful launch in 40 markets nationwide.


To guarantee Road Runner's market domination, Troy restructured their product, pricing, packaging, and sales for small businesses. He developed tiered pricing for different speeds, assembled and cultivated dedicated support teams and a specialized sales force to sell to business owners, built vertical strategies for government, education, and medical, and integrated a video product for the hospitality market.


Time Warner was one of the first cable companies to enter into the market, and it continued to be the number one business internet solution for years. Today, as in industry, the service has exceeded $18 billion in annual revenue in the US alone.

U.S. MSO Coomercial Revenue Growth Chart Image
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